to my reminiscences of a friendship with one of the great artistic talents of the 20th century – Marc Chagall.  I had the distinct privilege of working with Chagall during the last eleven years of his life that, interestingly enough, were considered among his most productive.  

Ever since 1978, I have lectured on my experiences with the man whose works as a consummate artist continues to touch the lives of individuals around the globe even today.   From my memories of the time spent with Chagall, and from my study and research, I created a dozen lectures focusing on many aspects of his life and work.

Music was an important part of Chagall’s life.  Consequently, as an acknowledgement of the magnificent gift of Chagall’s friendship, my husband and I commissioned a musical tribute to the artist to celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary.  The Chagall Suite for piano, from the CD Conversations with Chagall, has been performed by the composer, Seth Weinstein, at special concerts in the United States, France and Germany.

Feeling a need to share my memories of the man and his ideas with an ever widening audience, I have now written Sharing Chagall: A Memoir..  There have been many books written on Chagall the artist, but little has been written on Chagall, the person.  The book and the music are a continuation of my mission to interpret and spread Chagall’s message of hope, peace, reconciliation and love.